We are smart, safe, and strong in that regard

The Importance Of BAparkour

Our name is a little deceiving. We are called Bay Area Parkour, but in reality we have the best representation of active practitioners in the city of San Francisco. We have an amazing group. I performed very technical and slightly dangerous cat leap. Dimitri, who is always eager and confident, gave it a try. He came up short being no worse for wear, but I saw the potential for injury. So when he quickly stepped up to try it again, I suggested he get down. Being the determined guy that he is, he insisted on trying again. That was when I said I knew of a great spot to work up to it, and insisted he try it there first. I can be a bit pushy at times. He took my advice, and we made our way to the spot I mentioned. He was able to progressively try cat leaps of increasing size, and quickly realized the benefit of what I had insisted upon. He is now much better prepared to try the more technical cat leap. I felt good that I had been insistent/pushy and Dimitri felt the same.

## ## The great thing about BA Parkour is that the large majority of us share this mentality. We are always looking to advance our training, but are willing to put in the hard work of slow progression. This group does not take any short cuts in their training. We are smart, safe, and strong in that regard. This ‘beginner’ mentality is so important. Training this way forever will allow for longevity in parkour. Because, what use are we if we are injured?

Another great thing about BA Parkour is that decisions are made in groups outdoors by active practitioners. Directing the scene in this way ensures that the people who are out there training every week benefit the most. This site is not about the ideas of any one person, it is about all of us.

While some still feel that the scene would be better off having only one website, I couldn’t disagree more. The two sites have completely different directions. The ideas behind each site are so different that separation is a must. Without passing any judgment, compare the paragraphs above to these actions: encouraging people to train without health insurance, offering prizes to anyone (even beginners) who perform certain highly technical and dangerous stunts, showcasing excessive drops (often to crowds of beginners). While the other site may mean well, their goals simply do not align with the majority of active people in the city. People need an alternative.

Comment by rift33 on May 19, 2008 at 3:58am

What kaos was saying about about the cat leap is o so true (Im dimitri) and having him show me a better way and spot of working up to the cat leap that I was trying helped alot! Being a member of baparkour and lerning by doing with you all each week has helped me alot!. Lets keep it up! It’s what sets us apart from some of the other sites. We practice what we preach at least more often that is. At least in my opinion and for me.

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